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Mimaki BS3 Ink (600ml)

RM 335.00

Category: Mimaki Solvent Ink

Quantity: 16


In the ink, the pigment is dispersed in an organic solvent, and thus the ink is quick drying due to the volatility of the solvent. This property enables direct printing onto PVC, which are extensively used for both indoor and outdoor signage and displays. In addition to excellent weatherability and rub-fastness, our unique inkjet technology provides super-high picture quality without a granular appearance. Furthermore, “ease of maintenance” and “cost effectiveness” are also favorable features of this ink. Mimaki solvent inks are reputed worldwide for their beautiful long-lasting nature and are used as a standard ink for signage printing.

Fine and high quality image reproducibility

From text and illustrations to photographs and backgrounds with gradations, the combination of Mimaki’s unique inkjet technology and solvent ink delivers vibrant and less-granular super high quality print results.

Excellent weatherability and rub-fastness

The solvent ink prints are ideal for outdoor signage. The prints show little fading/degradation because of direct sunlight, and have high weatherability in rain/snow, and they also have high rub-fastness.

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