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Scotch Tape Joints for Aerial Bundle Cables

Category: 3M

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Product Description 

With 3M Scotch Tape Joints, you can insulate and moisture-proof any odd shaped and sized cable from 1 KV up to 35 KV. It is used for joining XLPE insulator single and three core cables with aluminium or copper conductors. 

The scotch tape joints for aerial bundle cable application utilizes 3M electrical vinyl professional use and premium grade tapes that are UV and weather resistant as well as UL approved. It also provides the flexibility to incorporate the tape splice design with resin rejacketing for a 3M ''Tapecast'' resin pressure method or mold and compound type splice for buried underground application which requires additional mechanical strength.  All 3M scotch tape splices are rated to withstand 90 degree celsius with 130 degree angle emergency overload provisions. 

Design Features: 

**Consists of a combination of various 3M tapes to provide the electrical insulation build back semi conductive layer, stress control and shielding properties of the joint.
**3M self-bonding tapes provides a void free insulation build back to voltage withstand and moisture protection. 
**Uses Constant Force springs for continuity of the armor and shielding of the cable. 
**Laboratory tested and field-proven design. Meets the requirement of IEEE 04, VDE 0278, IEC 60502 and CENELEC HD 629 Standards. 
**Detailed drawings and instructions are supplied with each kit. 

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