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DS/MS/VA Voltage Detectors

Category: Overhead System

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Product Description

Suitable for detecting up to 36kV, the Westminster DS/MS/VA Voltage Detector comprises five main components, each rated to suit the specific application, as follows:

** The Contact Probe can be supplied as a Mushroom, Pointer or ''Y'' probe.
** The Extension can be supplies to suit the relevant range of voltage
** The Main Body houses the voltage detector.
** The Handle provides suitable insulation from the voltage being tested, and provides storage for the main body when not in use.
** Range includes 3.3kV, 5-12kV & 10-36kV.


Product Benefits

** Robust construction
** Lightweight
** Full range of accessories

** Audible and Visual Warning
** 3.3kV, 5-12kV and 10-35kV operating ranges available
** Fully interchangeable component design
** Insulation tested
** Main Body stowage within insulated handle

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