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Beacon Voltage Detectors

Category: Overhead System

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Product Description

The Beacon voltage detector is designed for indoor and outdoor usage. The unit is a capacitive type instrument and does not require a ground lead, thus greatly reducing the risk to the operator, where the fault potential can be grounded. Beacon voltage detectors have visible and audible voltage detection. The units are simple to use and incorporates a self-test facility which confirms the operating circuit prior to use. The Beacon voltage detector is available with ranges of 5-12kV and 10-36kV. The circuitry is housed within a durable plastic moulded body. The sounder, LED’s, ‘ON/OFF’ and ‘TEST’ buttons are mounted on a fascia plate facing the operator. As standard, each unit is supplied with a standard castellated fitting that is suitable to be use with the standard castellated pole heads, a long tapered type socket fitting for use with standard OLE clamp operating pole heads, a ‘Y’ type contact probe and other fittings are also available upon request.

Also supplies with:

** Durable case
** Y Contact Probe
** Universal Castellated Adaptor
** Long Taper Operating Socket Adapter

Product Benefits

** Visible and audible detection
** Suitable for fitting to standard Operating Pole Heads
** Built-in test facility
** Battery operated (easy change)
** Rugged construction
** Voltage ranges 5-12kV and 10-36kV available
** Twin LED indication
** Lightweight
** Easy to use
** Supplied in a sturdy carry case

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