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Prüfball SPB-UB

Category: Voltage Detector

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Product Description

The two-pole voltage tester, Prufball SPB-UB facilitates voltage testing on third rail at the side. The bended extension increases safety while testing. The magnet of the SPB-UB can be attached on one side to the rail. Protected by one-piece safety casing that is made out of high quality solid rubber that provides extreme impact resistance, dustproof and waterproof properties. 

Product Benefits

** One-piece safety casing made of solid rubber, extremely impact resistant, dust- and waterproof.
** Highest safety against surge voltage CAT IV, 1000 V.
** Direct voltage indication by red LED and backlighted LCD.
** Integrated self-test by green LED and LCD.
** Extension and magnet for easy testing at third rails.

Product Specification

Type Item Code Self-test with green LED Single pole voltage warning Add. Load, to determine interface volt LCD Value Angled ext. Magnet for rail
SPB 1000L-UB 50-1000V DSSB-RSE-VT-81391 Yes Yes Yes Yes    
SET SPB-UB 50-1000V DSSB-RSE-VT-81390 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

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